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Stay tuned, more to come

"House by the sea" / In co with Studio P96d

An oasis for a mature couple on the shore

Type | House 

Location | North District

Size| 410sq m + 1000 sq m land

View of 'House by the Sea' project by Dalit Geffen, a coastal home

"Adlib" vacation home / In co with Studio P96d

A desert inspired natural oasis vacation home 

Type | House 

Location | Caesarea

Size| 414sq m + 700 sq m land

Desert-inspired 'Adlib' vacation home in Caesarea designed by Dalit Geffen

"Treasure chest" home  / In co with Natalie Tal architecture & design

A mid century treasure chest home

Type | A three story family residence

Location | Ramat Hasharon

Size| 250sq m + 100sq m terraces

Mid-century 'Treasure Chest' family home in Ramat Hasharon by Dalit Geffen


A family apartment with a Parisian flair

Type | Apartment

Location | Modi'in

Size | 145sq m + 90sq m terraces

L'appartement' personalized apartment for a musician and artist in Modi'in by Dalit Geffen

"Mentally on the beach apartment"

A sophisticated naturally lit apartment for one with a twist

Type | Apartment

Location | TLV

Size| 220sq m + 35sq m terraces

Mentally on the Beach' apartment in Tel Aviv, designed by Dalit Geffen

Y&G penthouse

A future perfect space for a mature couple 

Type | Penthouse apartment

Location | TLV

Size| 150sq m + 150sq m terraces

Y&G Penthouse' in Tel Aviv, a sophisticated space by Dalit Geffen
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