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“Look at usual things
with unusual eyes.”

–Vico Magistretti

My name is Dalit Geffen, I am an artist that designs spaces. In my mind, successful design--whether residential or commercial--starts in the imagination. It is a process in which I learn about the individuality of the clients, their practical needs, their desires and their dreams. I then look at the space itself, its potential and draw a conceptual guideline to help translate all these elements into an experience in space.

The spaces I design evoke emotion, atmosphere, memory. I love forming connections and tensions between material, space and objects (whether it is a collectible, a drawing, or a significant wall.)


I am drawn to natural materials, and strive to create layers in a space that elicit a dimension of mystery, depth and uniqueness.

Dalit Geffen Interior Design Studio was established in 2008, after returning from living and working in New York City for nine meaningful years.


The studio specializes in planning and designing renovations of private houses, luxury residences and offices. I graduated with a BA in Interior Design from FIT in 2004. In New York, I worked as an interior designer at IA, Interior Architects, a company that specializes in office planning and design.


I then held the position of designer and project manager at McCartan, an international interior design company that specializes in boutique hotel design and luxury buildings across the US.

Please feel welcome to visit and view my work...

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